Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Nina Dobrev and Michael Trevino is leaving The Vampire Diaries

It is official that our beloved Elena Gilbert who is played by Nina Dobrev is leaving the series after six long seasons and in which season seven has been confirmed to be the very last season of the series. Unlike those rumours saying that their will be a season eight and nine which turned out to be not true this one is true. Nina had said in an interview "I am sick of getting abused by Nikki Reed on the set of The Vampire Diaries and I know that I used to Date Ian and we are over. I just wish for her to leave me alone." With that said we have just been given news that not only Nina is leaving the series, our very own Ex-Hybrid Tyler Lockwood who is played by Michael Travino and in which he said in an interview "it is time for me to move on and spread my wings a bit further" and in which he has the right to.

Things for the series is only going to be getting a lot worse for the series as this will no longer be on the CW network for more one more season and that the producers are saying that "no show can last forever, it has to come to an end and that the celebs in the franchise has the right to walk away at anytime" so what does this mean for the Originals. That is the question that we must find an answer to. But the Originals is nothing but a spin off of the series and that there will be another spin off like "The other side" and that the people that have died in the series could be playing in it like Jenna or Lexi. So who knows.

We all know that Nina and Michael are going to leave the series and let's hope that they will be happy and healthy in the futures and let's see what the future will bring for them.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Katherine Pierce Might die

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

The Vampire Diaries: Season 5 Premiere

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 is about to start very soon and it may be one not to miss, but lately there has been some exclusive news released. Accordingly to WetPaint Entertainment that Katherine will be getting close with a doppelganger (Silas) but in fact Katherine thinks it is Stefan. Katherine is now a human, but what things is she going to get up to. Her vampire younger doppelganger Elena has everything, now that she is immortal and she can never die unless she is staked in the heart with a stake. But that is not going to
happen any time soon.

Season four ended with the death of one of Elena's best friends Bonnie, she sacrificed herself for her best friends brother, she brought in back from the Other Side. Which is in fact a big no no, but she did it any way. Matt and Rebekah are off travelling the world but there is news that there will be a threesome add in their story line. Tyler is aloud back in Mystic Falls again, as a graduation present from Klaus because he had said to Caroline and it quotes on the lines of "Tyler is your first love, but I intend to be your last" and that melted a few fanpires hearts. But Klaus is going to be a daddy to a baby with Hayley and that story line will be on the Originals TV spin off from the Vampire Diaries.

Here is a promotional clip of the epic season ever, it might be the end for one or two more main characters in this season and that is to be revealed later one in the series. Right at the end of Season 4, Silas and made his true self shine, he is the original Salvatore Doppelganger (the progenitor of the bloodline) stab Stefan in the stomach and put him in the safe and sent him to the bottom of the quarry that was intended for Silas's final resting spot. But it had turned to the worst.

That clip will show you what had happened if you didn't get to watch it fully, all we can tell you, it was epic. Like the up coming season that is set to air in early October. So keep an eye out for any vampires, werewolves, witches, hybrids, Mediums and human in the streets and be careful. Before Silas gets to you.

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Friday, 12 July 2013

Vampire Diaries Season 5 Spoilers

So season five is about to be shown to us for the first ever since the last season (4) was finished with an opener to Season five. So here is some news that was released today, just a few hours ago, seems as though the series is starting to get even more better as they go on, finally something to look for when it starts off again.

So all in all, it is going to be a good season, what do you think, hit us with the comment below about your thoughts on the up coming season.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Julie Plec's Season Five Spoilers

Is the Cast of Revenge Sexier Than The Vampire Diaries?

Summer vacation didn’t last long for The Vampire Diaries writers.

They’ve been back at work a while now, getting the story down for the first few episodes of TVD’s Season 5. Creator Kevin Williamson — who’s since left for Fox’s The Following — still keeps up with The CW show, and he tweeted that he’d finished the script for Season 5, Episode 1. “Hey guys, guess what fifth season opener I just read? So awesome.

Kudos to the brilliant @carolinedries,” he wrote. Producer Caroline Dries is stepping in to take over the majority of the Vampire Diaries day-to-day duties as executive producer Julie Plec divides her time between TVD and its spin-off The Originals. Don’t ask us when she’ll sleep! Julie tweeted that she’s equally impressed with what’s taking shape for Season 5. She tweeted, “Work status update: Eps 1 of TVD and TTP are brilliant, thanks to @carolinedries, @GBerlanti and team Klemmer/Rake.”

TTP stands for The Tomorrow People, the other show she’s helping to bring to The CW in the fall. We can only imagine what the Season 5 opener will bring, but we imagine it’s lots of sinister Silas pretending to be Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Caroline (Candice Accola) freaking out over how to decorate her dorm room.




Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Here is a Fan's thoughts Of How should the cure went to

Jessica's Point of view

So we are at a dead heat with people saying Damon, Stefan, Caroline, Elena, Elijah, Katherine and Silas should take the cure well, people will start to argue with each other on this topic which is an interesting twist don't you think. But the only one who I think that really deserves it is Rebekah, she has always wanted a normal life, she was forced into a life that she didn't want to begin with, her mother made her the creature she is today, Esther should be ashamed in herself.

 Esther should have asked if her children wanted immortality so that she doesn't have to have the pain in losing another child, Mikeal should be a part of the blame, he should of stopped it. But if the cure was to be shared amoungst the Original family, then all would be human and that left them be able to be killed if not turned again, by the remaining vampire kind. But it is were to be left like that then that would be another story to be unfolded.

 But as the time, goes on, the cure is getting older, and it might not even work, due to it's age. But If no one is going to take it, then it should be giving to Silas so he can die a natural human death, but yet again, that would only make Silas get what he wants. But isn't that the good thing for them to do, is to obey Silas and Silas will leave them alone, so they can live their lives, the way they wanted without any trouble. In my point of view it might be a mistake to give him the cure, so he can rise the death from the other side so that people like Alaric and Jenna will kill Klaus in process and that will end with the death of everyone in Klaus's blood line.

This cure is a horrible thing to have in the series, because it is causing so many fights between our beloved characters and one of them might end up dead if not on Silas's side as a slave to him. But who knows Matt might be a connection to Silas, he might be the descendant from Silas but I bet nobody thought of that situation.

 Not even that, people will end up saying that some people deserve it, and some people don't and for my own point of view, it should go to someone who has got nothing else to do as a vampire and needs to have a lifestyle change and if the cure lands in the wrong hands why can't people just live with the end product? But should Elena take the cure, my answer is no, she has not earn t the right to be human again, she doesn't deserve it.

For my own thoughts about all this who should take it and when should that person take it, it is up to fate, but when it comes to peoples lives at stake it just makes us wanna watch the series even more. Seems like a waste of time to argue over something that is small and for my own point of view stupid, crying over split milk is not something to waste time over, but when it comes to split blood, that is something worth crying over. It is just that Silas and Katherine has gotten Jeremy's blood on their hands. Finding out the Jeremy is dead if you were Elena, would be the most horrific thing to happen.

But losing the won person who you really do care about and you have not got anymore family left, seems like a good reason to stay a vampire. Elena has said that "she doesn't need the cure" and that she will "kill" people if Stefan and Damon try to convince her to take the damn cure. She has been hunting it down with Rebekah, but has found it and now it is in the hands of Elijah, the only person who I think should take the cure. He has been keeping good and for my own point of view a nice person.

So all in all there is still unfinished business to be shown on the TV show.


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Vampire Diaries Actress talk to MTV about now the Human Katherine (Spoiler)

So, last season of the Vampire Diaries we all saw Katherine forcibly consume the cure, with the help of her doppelganger (shadow self) Elena. The actress who plays her (Nina Dobrev) talks to MTV about how Katherine is human and doesn't have the "perks of being a vampire". Now we have to wait for Season 5 to come out, and it has been rumored to be in October, either that is true or not, there is not released date so far, but Season four aired in October so the rumor must be true.


If Katherine is now human, what things do you expect her to do, do you think that she'll want Klaus to change her into a vampire, or do you think Klaus will love to see Katherine human again, and a living doppelganger so he can make more of his hybrids. Hmmm, what do you think think? Do you think that they is such thing as tough love for the newly human Katherine?
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